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Star Wars: Wrath Of The Mandalorian Hd Full Movie Download > DOWNLOAD

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Years after the Clone Wars end, Darth Vader sends bounty hunter Boba Fett to Kashyyyk to track down the last of the Jedi. Fett, motivated by revenge for his father's death, proves effective - but he soon finds out a terrible truth about Vader while on the hunt that gives him a change of heart.
Acting is bad.<br/><br/>Directing is bad, because the storyline was hurried. Boba could so easily kill off many Jedi so quickly made no sense. In the SW films, neither Boba nor Jango could so easily kill any Jedi; the reverse is true. Remembering Baba had a comical silly death, the director exaggerated the abilities of Boba.<br/><br/>The script is the worst part. It made no sense that the Jedi were fearful of a Mandalorian, that they chose to run rather than face an opponent. And a thermo detonator is hardly something that a Jedi need to run from.<br/><br/>Reactions of Darth Vader also made no sense. Throughout Vader&#39;s career, he had basically been tolerating the incompetence of those who worked for him, until the breaking point where he killed them off and used the next in line. If Boba tried to pick a fight with a Sith, he should be dead, or at least get an arm chopped off (he can get a mechanical one just like everyone else).<br/><br/>In this short film, the Jedi behaved like a Sith (fear), and the Sith behaved like a Jedi (respect the opponent). The script writer had one idea – what if Vader and Boba fought? In order to get there, the writer abandoned the Star Wars logic and the natures of the characters.
Started nice but then the acting and script ruined it. From watching this we can deduce that the Jedi are complete morons/weaklings and look like a bunch of geeks.<br/><br/>A blinded Han Solo kills Boba Fett in ROTJ and gets easily captured by Dartth Vader in Empire strikes back. But in this movie Boba Fett almost kicks Darth Vader&#39;s arse.

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